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A green belt on road hundreds of thousands of vehicles are plying every moment and it is the first tiny step to make their rooftops Green and thus gave the name "Green Gaddi" means Green Vehicle. Until we convert all our vehicles to electric or even after that we can reduce its carbon footprint

  • Just think & act as a solver.
  • Bibendum tortor. Suspendisse a diam viverra.
  • Share on social platforms and make #GreenGaddi concept reach to maximum number of people.
  • Let’s be a solution to every problem in community.

Founder -
Bhuvnesh (Gaurav) ahuja

A Brand Positioning consultant by profession founded the campaign "just say #IamTheSolution" which is focused to bring solutions in society instead of waiting anyone else. #GreenGaddi is first environment initiative conceptualized in this series.

Founder -
khushbu rastogi

A Food Technologist by profession joined hands to serve her passion for a greener Earth and co-founded this intiative #GreenGaddi and collaborated with her efforts to make this concept a model.


#IamTheSolution is a very simple concept of realizing our true potential and power within. Team is being built to make ourselves stand out from the crowd who only thinks about themselves, either to get something or adapt with the problems without raising the voice.


A solution to curb pollution is generate more Oxygen Biggest available space in urban areas is rooftop of vehicles. Green Gaddi is a solution where we install plants which generate oxygen 24 hours on vehicle rooftop.

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